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We're all LIFEing!

The other day while scrolling through my Instagram stories, I came across a person that said, “We’re all just Lifeing it!” What an interesting way to describe the human experience. Life is a journey filled with both celebrated milestones and internal shifts that shape our very existence. We often acknowledge the joyous occasions – weddings, graduations, the birth of a child, anniversaries, and so forth – but what about the transformations that occur within, those that are unseen and uncelebrated? I would like to explore the concept of "Lifeing" – the art of navigating the unexpected twists and turns that mold us into the resilient people that we are.


L - Learn from Challenges:

Lifeing is about confronting the challenges no one prepares us for – the loss of the old self and the journey into new understanding. It's about recognizing the emotional struggles that accompany these transitions, struggles we were once taught to ignore or conceal. The rug of our emotions can only hold so much before it eventually explodes, unveiling the complexities beneath our smiles.


I - Internal Reflection:

We should take time to pause and celebrate ourselves. Acknowledge the challenges we’ve faced this past year and how we’ve become wiser, stronger, and more resilient. Behind every smile, there's a story of overcoming, of Lifeing. Today, reflect on where you've been, meditate on the lessons learned, and embrace the new wisdom propelling you into the next phase of your life.


F – Forgiveness is Freedom

On this journey of Lifeing, we often carry the weight of our past mistakes, regrets, and perceived shortcomings. Take a moment to forgive yourself for the moments when you stumbled, for the times you didn't meet your expectations. Forgiveness is the key to releasing yourself from the chains of self-judgment. It opens the door to self-love and self-acceptance, essential elements in the celebration of your journey.

Similarly, forgiving others is an integral part of the Lifeing process. People may have hurt us, disappointed us, or caused pain along the way. By forgiving others, we release the hold that resentment has on our hearts. It doesn't condone their actions, but it frees us from carrying the burden of anger and bitterness. It's a gift you give to yourself.

E - Embrace Evolution:

Prepare for the ongoing process of growth, change, and transitions – your evolution. Lifeing emphasizes continuous adaptation and progression we will experience on this journey. Let go of the need to control or cling to what once was. Embrace the possibilities that await and be open to what can be. Lifeing is about grabbing hold of the ever-changing journey, where the sooner you let go, the sooner you can embark on new possibilities.

In celebrating yourself, you are embracing Lifeing – the beautiful, continuous dance with life's transitions. Every challenge, every unseen struggle, every act of forgiveness has contributed to the masterpiece that is you. So, take a moment today and congratulate yourself for the journey, for being resilient, for evolving, and for embracing the transformative power of forgiveness. Here's to Lifeing and the incredible journey that lies ahead!

Congratulations, You are Lifeing!



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