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Unleash Miracles in Your Classroom!

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"Everyday Miracles in the Classroom for Educators"

Dear Educators and Leaders,


We are excited to provide you with our comprehensive journal that is designed to empower and inspire you in your roles as educators.  The journal is a great way to capture and focus on the good things that are happening in your schools and classrooms this year.


Our hope for you is that by focusing on the positive, you will invite more positive things into the school year.  Set aside time to share these moments with others – peers, leaders, and even families.  Invite them to begin looking for the miracles in their day as well.


To ensure seamless access and ease of use, we've divided the journal into multiple downloadable sections. This approach allows you to gradually download the journal pages, ensuring that each quarter builds upon the previous one.


Please download each section at your convenience, and remember that we are here to support you every step of the way. We believe that this segmented approach will enhance your journaling experience as you reflect upon the miracles happening throughout the year.


Thank you for your dedication to our students and families, we look forward to accompanying you on this transformative journey.


Warm regards,

Niki Spears

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Who is Everyday Miracles For?
who are looking for ways to align classroom goals and beliefs.
who are looking to shape the organizational culture of their school by starting with themselves.
who believe that culture is an important foundation to the success of their district.
Meet the Author

Niki Spears a speaker, author, and coach that has helped transform the culture of schools and organization nationwide.  As a former principal, Niki observed that a positive culture was crucial in the success of the organization, and left her job in 2016 to co-create the Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey.  Niki has become a widely sought out speaker and coach who has helped over 150,000 students and educators across the country.  She has also written 4 books, including The Beauty Underneath the Struggle, and 3 children's books. 

"You don’t have to wait for miracles to happen, you can create them!"
Why I Wrote the Book
Pages from Everyday Miracles in the Classroom-2.png
Press Inquires & Other Contact Info 
If you have any questions regarding Everyday Miracles in the Classroom for Educators, or the author, Niki Spears, please contact

Everyday Miracles in the Classroom for Educators ©2023 by Niki Spears

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