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"When like-energy aligns, it is powerful.  That is what I believe is happening on this journey."

Tamieka Tavares

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Capture your thoughts as you follow Matthew on his journey to shift a struggling school's culture.  This journal will give you the space to draw parallels between the Culture Cre8or journey and your own school/organziation.

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8 Things You'll Learn from Matthew's Journey...
  1. 21st Century Leadership Skills

  2. Setting clear expectations that instills trust

  3. Creating a shared vision

  4. Empowering staff to lead

  5. Leading through challenges

  6. Navigating through difficult conversations

  7. Inspiring shared values

  8. Taking ownership of your journey

What You'll Learn
Who is The Culture Cre8or For?
who are looking for ways to align classroom goals and beliefs.
who are looking to shape the organizational culture of their school by starting with themselves.
who believe that culture is an important foundation to the success of their district.
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Meet the Author

Niki Spears a speaker, author, and coach that has helped transform the culture of schools and organization nationwide.  As a former principal, Niki observed that a positive culture was crucial in the success of the organization, and left her job in 2016 to co-create the Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey.  Niki has become a widely sought out speaker and coach who has helped over 150,000 students and educators across the country.  She has also written 4 books, including The Beauty Underneath the Struggle, and 3 children's books. 

Meet Niki
"Many of us spend so much time searching for the answers to life’s struggles when the answers we seek can be found within; we need only to ask the right questions. This is why I am excited to bring to you my second book, The Culture Cre8or: A Principal’s Journey to Shaping a School’s Values, Goals, & BEliefs."
Why I Wrote the Book
Press Inquires & Other Contact Info 
If you have any questions regarding The Culture Cre8or release, or the author, Niki Spears, please contact

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