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What's on my Heart?

Wow, what an extremely busy week! We started out leaving for Huntsville, Alabama for an event with Head Start Leaders on Monday; then headed to cold Nebraska for a talk for a small district; and ended our day yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama with another Head Start program- probably one of the most rewarding experiences as I had the opportunity to mingle with students and parents - which is one of my many passions! *Check out a few pictures from our event below!!

As I was headed home last night on our flight back to Houston

, the title of my book spoke to me SO clearly!! Instead of focusing on Energy, Choices, and Culture - I want to focus on the "self" because when we focus on self, our personal energy, and how we show up each and every day this can truly transform our lives and the people around us.

So the title of my new book, which will still need a little work on the subtitle is....drumroll please....


You're the BEST


Changing Your Story to Transform Your Life

If you've heard me speak, this is the way that I start all of my keynotes, workshops, and trainings - I've witnessed the energy that these 3 affirmations can bring into a room especially prior to getting ready to share my message! In this book I will share how the stories we tell ourselves will/can prevent us from getting from our current situation to where we need to go. While I will share my personal experiences, this book will serve an a life lesson plan giving readers the opportunity to reflect and take action on their learning. It will truly be a way for them to develop their plot, choose the characters, develop action-driven story elements, and pose important questions that are essential to developing the story (life) of your dreams! My goal is to complete this book by my birthday this year (September 15, 2020) and invite you to share in a Book Launching Celebration!

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