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Transform Your Energy. Transform Your Story. Transform Your Culture.

As you are going about your day, consider this:

Eighty-five percent of the people living today reside in low level energy of shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger or pride. This is according Dr. David Hawkins, a US philosopher and consciousness researcher whose work is based on thirty years of research that goes into detail about his findings in his book titled, Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinant of Human Behavior.

Think about that for a moment. Of the 25 people you come across today, 21 of them are residing in low level energy and many of them are not even aware. Could you be one of those people?

When we begin to assess and pay more attention to how we are showing up, we can then move beyond these low-level frequencies into higher energy levels where we are met with personal empowerment, courage, acceptance joy, love, and yes, peace.

In my book, The Beauty Underneath the Struggle: Creating Your B.U.S. Story, I introduce readers to a Writer’s Style Chart that will allow them to consider their personal writing style (energy level) at the current moment. I explain that these styles are not “fixed” as we will move in and out of these emotions depending on what is happening in our lives. I encourage them to think about which style they embrace most often. No particular style is good or bad, it just is. And the whole idea is to provide them with time to consider how they’re showing up and what can be blocking them from experiencing higher level energy.

The Writer’s Style Chart has been a powerful tool during my trainings with educators as it allows the participants to take a moment to consider things that may be weighing them down, preventing them from experiencing more joy, love, and peace. We are always inspired by how willingly people are to share personal stories that may be preventing them from experiencing higher level energy.

In a recent training, one of the participants revealed that she was getting married in a few months but couldn’t shake the negative criticisms she experienced in her first marriage. As she started to cry, we explained to her that at some point during her marriage she agreed with these statements from her ex-husband and made them part of her story. No one can make us feel a certain way UNLESS we allow it. We explained to her that just like it was easy for her to accept these beliefs, she could also erase them by replacing them with a different narrative or belief about herself. It was amazing to watch her struggle with saying something positive about herself, but eventually she was able to create a new, more positive story for her life.

What we’ve learned on this journey is that our leaders and teachers are not robots, they are human beings with emotions, feelings, and real issues that are preventing them from being their personal best. When they are free to explore and given space to think about how they’re showing up, they can then be more present for the students and families they serve.

Many times when people invite me to speak to their teams, they will ask, “Niki what are you going to do for our students?” My response is, “I’m going to empower your staff and teachers.”

You see, in order to have the effective teams and positive culture we desire, we must first give attention to the individuals that make up our schools, because our schools are a collective force of the combined energy of the people that make up the organization, this is why personal empowerment and awareness of our personal energy can change the overall culture.

The problem in our schools is not solely related to the behaviors of students, but is a result of us (the adults) not having the courage to address our own poor attitudes, assess our personal energy and how it is impacting us on a personal level. Then and only then, can examine our perceptions and assess how they impact the students and team members we work with on a daily basis.

Let’s face it, buildings don’t create culture, people do. So, if you’re truly looking to transform the culture in your school or organization, you must first transform the mindsets of the people in the building.

If the adults are not willing to reflect on their personal energy and how they show up each day, how then are they able to understand how their energy impacts others? And most importantly, if the adults are not continuously learning and developing themselves, how then can they promote learning amongst their students?

Transform Your Energy. Transform Your Story. Transform Your Culture.

Niki Spears,

Founder of Culture Cre8ion

Author, Motivational Speaker


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