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The Hand Hug- Coming August 12th!

A short story about transforming negative thoughts

Do you feel that? That’s a Hand Hug!

Several years ago, when I was a kindergarten teacher, my mission was to inspire a sense of security, happiness, and a love for learning in each student. We know that school can sometimes be a scary place for young children who are still trying to make sense of their new world. A kindergarten teacher usually sets the stage for a child’s long- term learning goals as this is the start of their adventure in education.

Whenever I encountered a student who seemed angry, sad, or frustrated, I would often engage them in a Hand Hug. This became my superpower! A simple touch of the hand seemed to generate feelings of safety, joy, and peace as I observed frowns being turned upside down; a sea of tears drying in their tracks, and anxious thoughts being calmed like waves in the ocean. How did I do this you ask? Through what I called The Hand Hug.

Although to the human eye it looked pretty normal, it was far from it. The power was not in the hand hug itself, although there is something to be said about human touch, the true influence was in the energy, my energy, that I shared with my students. You see, I knew that if I wanted every child in my presence to feel valued and appreciated, I would have to make sure I was fueled with love, happiness, and joy first.

In my first book in my new children’s series titled Baelor Books (named after my first granddaughter, Baelor) I share the power of The Hand Hug. These books will provide teachers and parents with powerful tools to help every child feel a sense of love and security. The Hand Hug demonstrates what can happen when we bring kindness, love, and gratitude together to create magical moments!

As a young girl who struggled with negative thoughts, I have made it my life’s purpose to support young children (and adults) to connect with their passion and purpose by learning to transform these worrisome thoughts and focus on all the good things happening around them. We get more of what we focus on, so when we are intentional about placing our attention on the good things, more good things will flow into our lives.

I am excited about the release of The Hand Hug and the opportunity to share powerful ways to transform negativity and express gratitude in a year that is filled with many uncertainties but can hold amazing opportunities!

You feel that? That’s a Hand Hug!

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