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New Book Coming August 8, 2022

Are you currently working or leading a toxic culture? COVID-19 has left our schools and districts with new pain points – teacher and student anxiety, low engagement, excessive absences and burnout, with people leaving the education field altogether. So, what do you do when you’re stuck with staff who views themselves as victims and considers the workplace a punishment rather than a blessing?

In my new inspirational fiction, The Culture Cre8or: A Principal’s Journey to Shaping a School’s Goals, Values, and Beliefs, Matthew has been tasked as the next principal of a school on a brink of closure. Low performance and toxic culture threaten to close the doors to Mercy Elementary School for good. Matthew knows his leadership abilities and passion for students and teachers could be the school’s saving grace, but it will not come easily. He faces challenge after challenge, all while trying not to let his community down.

You are invited to follow Matthew as he finds inspiration in the unlikeliest of places and begins to shape the values, goals, and beliefs of his school by focusing his energy on the school culture he wants to create.

Join us on this amazing journey to creating positive culture and become a Culture Cre8or Ambassador and be a part of my book launch team!

As a Culture Cre8or Ambassador you will:

· Have the opportunity to read the manuscript before it comes out in print

· Get others excited about reading the book and joining the journey

· Become a part of a special Facebook Group

· Attend a special virtual event on June 8th where we provide you with more information about this exciting opportunity!

· Offered other prizes and opportunities along the way!

Ready to join the journey, sign up using the link below to become a Culture Cre8or Ambassador:

Happy Sunday!!

Niki Spears

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