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Looking for a Fun Way to Celebrate Teachers? Check this Out!!

Share a Hand Hug with Teachers This Week!!

Teacher Appreciation Week has taken on a new meaning as we realize that celebrating our staff and recognizing their hard work can’t be accomplished in a week but is something that must be done throughout the year.

As a former school principal, I remember gearing up for Teacher Appreciation and having something extra special planned for each day. I would like to share a fun and meaningful project that can help spread love and kindness throughout the community while celebrating your amazing team!

Here it goes:

1. Copy/Paste the parent message below and send out to your families and members of your team.

2. Place Hand Hug slips in every area of the building and talk to staff and students about how to complete them.

3. Place a box or other container where students, staff, and families can drop off their completed Hand Hug slips.

4. Gather a team of people (parents, teachers, students) who will serve on the Celebration Patrol. *A Celebration Patrol is a group of people who will help you celebrate team members.

5. Ask the music teacher/department chair if you can borrow a few hand instruments for members of the Celebration Patrol (i.e. tambourines, log rattle, bells, wooden maracas, etc.).

6. Pull a designated number of Hand Hug slips from the container and create a plan for visiting teacher that was selected. *Create a Balloon Bouquets by attaching a balloon to a piece of candy for each Hand Hug slip selected. Dollar Tree is the perfect place to find items to create Balloon Bouquets!!

7. Once you determine a time to deliver the Hand Hugs along with the Balloon Bouquets, gather your Celebration Patrol, noise makers, and have fun!

Teachers love being surprised with a celebration and a special message, and their students will love it too!!!

Sending you love and hand hugs,

Niki Spears

Author, Motivational Speaker, Chief Culture Cre8or

Hand Hug Slips 4 up (1)
Download PDF • 178KB

Parent Letter
Download DOCX • 13KB


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