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Like Dr. King, WE Have a Dream!

Each year our nation celebrates Dr. King’s life and legacy by taking one day to stop and reflect on our own lives and how we are impacting the world.

Dr. King believed that all men were created equally and strongly held onto the notion that one day all people would be treated with value and esteem. Even in times of struggle, Dr. King held tight to his convictions and vision of a world free of racism and discrimination. In other words, Dr. King Believed!

What do you believe? Our belief system has a great impact on the way we view the world, ourselves, and others. Our thoughts influence our attitude, how we behave, and the future we create. What we see is a reflection of our perceptions of the world.

In order for us to create a different experience we will need to assess our current beliefs. Some of the things we learned as children (and even into our adult lives) will not serve us well in this moment. Dr. King knew that his thoughts were powerful and the words he spoke were like seeds that pollinated the atmosphere – touching the hearts and minds of others that dared to dream.

Although the world that Dr. King viewed with his own eyes was filled with racist acts and words of hatred, he continued to hold on to his dream of peace and fairness for all. What is your dream?

Now more than fifty years after Dr. King’s death we stand witness to his dream and his vision of the world. We observe his dream every day in our schools, businesses, and in our communities as we watch people of all races and nationalities learning and sharing their gifts and talents to create a better future for all.

Like Dr. King, we have a dream. And even though we are faced with many challenges today, we hold on to the idea of a more perfect world. Our dreams for a better life can be achieved not by focusing on what others can do but giving our attention to what we can do to create a more positive life. By creating a more positive life for ourselves, we are changing the world for others!

Today, we dream!

Happy Birthday Dr. King!

Community Activity: Engage your team in creating a "I Have a Dream" wall.

Take sticky notes, index cards, or slips of paper and have team members write their dreams down and place them on the wall! The more people participate the more powerful the wall! Take pictures and post them on social media and tagging me on Twitter/Instagram @Nikispears4! We will select a wall and contact you to invite me in for a virtual presentation!!! DREAM BIG!!

Niki Spears

Founder, Culture Cre8ion

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