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Introducing Positive Kids Adventure: Discovering the Magic of Energy


Friends, I am SO excited to introduce my new children’s book, Positive Kids Adventure: Discovering the Magic of Energy. This delightful story is designed to empower young children to understand and manage their emotions, transforming negative thoughts into positive energy!


In Positive Kids Adventure, we follow five extraordinary friends: Wendy Worrier, Timmy Tension, Responsible Rachel, Helping Hands Hannah, and Kindness Kyle. These characters, each facing their own unique challenges, take young readers on an adventure that teaches resilience, empathy, and self-discovery. Through engaging storytelling and vibrant illustrations, children learn how to navigate their emotions and embrace their inner strength.


One of the core messages of the book is the importance of teaching children how to express their emotions. Children often struggle to understand and articulate their feelings, which can lead to frustration and negative behavior. By providing them with the tools to recognize and express their emotions, we empower them to develop healthy tools to cope and become self-aware.



Supporting Educators and Parents


Understanding that it takes a villiage, we have developed a comprehensive set of resources to support teachers and parents with helping young children develop healthy mindset habits. These include:


Lesson Plans: Tailored to help educators integrate the themes of the book into their curriculum, promoting social-emotional learning in the classroom.

Energy Level Map for Kids:  A fun and interactive tool that helps children identify and regulate their energy levels throughout the day.

Posters: Visual aids displaying each character to reinforce positive behaviors and emotional awareness, perfect for classrooms and homes.

Parent Guide: A practical manual filled with tips and activities for parents to support their children's emotional growth and reinforce the lessons learned from the book.


Save the Date!


Mark your calendars for August 3rd, 2024, at 1 PM CST for our Virtual Book Launch Party! During this exciting event, we will dive into the story, engage in interactive activities, and have fantastic giveaways.


Everyone who joins will receive a FREE copy of the Energy Map for Kids– a great tool to help children understand their emotions and communicate them effectively.


Let's embark on this magical adventure together and discover the boundless potential within every child. Sign up to attend here:



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