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Four years ago, I left my job as an elementary school principal, to pursue my passion of helping schools create and sustain positive culture. When I left, my superintendent, Dr. Charles Dupre, said something that I’ll never forget. “I want to write the Foreword to your first book,” he exclaimed. At the time, this really took me by surprise because I wasn’t thinking about writing a book nor did I ever think I would have the time.

Now four years later, I just finished my first book, The Beauty Underneath the Struggle~ Creating Your BUS Story, and when I approached Dr. Dupre and asked him to write the Foreword, his response was "You remembered!"

I am honored that Dr. Dupre is a part of my story! You'll read about him in my new book and how I came to serve a s a teacher, assistant principal, and principal under his leadership in two different districts.

There will be people that enter your story who will SEE YOU and all that you are capable of achieving even when you may not yet see it for yourself! Charles Dupre has definitely been one of those people for me! I'm excited to share our special story!

Sign up to be a part of my Book Launch Celebration on October 8th at 6:00 pm at !!

Make it a point to See Someone Today!

With positive


Niki Spears,

Author, Motivational Speaker

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