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Happy Mother's Day to our Non-Traditional Moms!

Happy Mother’s Day to the Non-Traditional Moms!

As we celebrate all Mothers across the country today, I want to remind you that mothers come in all forms – they are those that have given birth and those that breathe life into others- like our Educators.

It’s no coincidence that Teacher Appreciation Week is in the same week as Mother’s Day. It’s because our teachers, like our mom’s, provide our children with unconditional love, special bonds, and life lessons.

Mother’s Day is not just for those that give birth to a child, but for those people who bring joy into our lives with no expectations in return. Mother’s can come in the form of fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, mentors, teachers, and even friends. They are those people in our lives who support us when we are up and when we’re down, reminding us of all the good we add to the world.

My youngest sister, Natalie, has no biological children of her own, however, she has been there for the birth of my kids, my sister’s children, as well as my brother’s children. Even though Natalie is much younger than I am, she has been like a second mother to my three girls. I don’t say this just because she was a good babysitter, she was. I say this because she has been there when they needed someone to talk to during times of struggle, she’s also been there during times of celebration – going into kindergarten, birthdays, illnesses, graduations, marriage, divorce, and so much more.

This life can be tough, but knowing that we have people in our corner, like Natalie, and other non-traditional mothers – it is a reminder that the world is not such a bad place and our mothers are there to remind us that we are enough.

Today, celebrate your mother (traditional and non-traditional) and let them know how much they mean to your life. Remember- the more you reinforce the good, the more good will show up in your life!

Happy Mother’s Day to the Non-Traditional Moms!

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