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Educators Must Learn to S.E.W

When I was in high school many years ago, I remember taking a sewing class. I loved clothes and was excited to stitch my first piece. I remember my first assignment was to select an item I wanted as my final product and then choose the material I wanted to use for the design. My mom took me to a local fabric store where I chose the pattern of a small tank top, I figured this would look great with a pair a jeans! With an image and pattern of my final product in hand, I was ready to S.E.W it all together and reap the reward- a new fancy top that was created and designed by me!

When I think about the process of choosing, designing, and S.E.Wing – I believe it’s a skill we could all use today, especially our students and educators. With so much division in our schools – masks, no masks; vaccine, no vaccine; virtual, in-person learning; and so much more – how can we mend the divide?

We must first realize that WE are a part of the problem and developing a closer relationship with ourselves while assessing our thoughts and beliefs will be a part of the greater process that will lead to valuable solutions. We must be willing to go inside and take a moment each day to simply BE. I think we will agree that COVID has revealed the importance our social and emotional well-being, not only for students, but for the adults as well.

I believe with every challenge comes great opportunities and during this time of COVID our students and educators must learn to S.E.W(caring for our Social and Emotional Well-being).

Much like stitching my first tank top in high school, educators must learn to weave into the school day wellness exercises that will help them to manage stress, grow in self-awareness, increase patience and tolerance, all while generating love and kindness. Educators must learn to S.E.W!

Cre8ive Culture for Schools (www.culturecre8ion) provides teachers and students with ways to S.E.W while creating and sustaining positive school culture. One of the ways we do this is by encouraging our teachers to begin the day with what I like to call the Practice of BEing exercise. This happens at the start of the school day (or when educators deem it necessary) where we encourage teachers and students to take a few minutes to simple BE…. These BEing exercises are a way to open the heart and mind as educators prepare to embrace the opportunities within each learning day.

Every Sunday this school year, I will share a video that will help educators and students work together on their journey to S.E.Wing. These short videos will include 3-5 minute BEing exercises that will clear the mind as we prepare for the day ahead.

Much like a sewing class, we will weave in practices that will help harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. Just as I did as I prepared to stitch my first tank top, I want to encourage you to CHOOSE your intention (design) for what you wish to create and S.E.W for each day. Once you select your design, we will create the intention to make it happen!

These Practice of BEing exercises will be available on my website – as well as on my YouTube Channel – Niki Spears. You are encouraged to practice these with your class or in your building at the start of each school day. You and your students are also encouraged to guide your own. This is a great way to promote leadership!

Remember S.E.Wing will be a crucial part to creating a safe and inviting learning space, while inspiring passion, creativity, and a joy for learning.

This week we invite you to BE…

With something to think about, this is Niki Spears.

Make it a Great week or not. The choice is ALWAYS yours.

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