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Are You in Life's Waiting Room?

When my girls were babies and they would suddenly get sick with high fever during the night, I would immediately rush them to the emergency room. This was the one time I didn’t care about how I was dressed or if I had everything I needed, my goal was to get them there as quickly as possible. And although I would hurry to get there to provide a detailed description of my baby’s emergency, the person sitting behind the desk greeted me with the usual nonchalant script that made me question if my child’s symptoms were really an emergency at all. That same person would then direct me to fill out paperwork and ask me to join the rest of the waiters in the room. I knew that if they didn’t take me back right away after explaining my babies’ symptoms, my emergency was not a true emergency at all.

But still, each time some sickness when intrude on my young children’s health, I would repeat the same actions. It could have been my lack of patience with dealing with illnesses or my fear that something bad would happen if I stayed home, my desire to make my baby happy and whole again was something I wanted immediately. Only to find myself sitting there waiting with the other so-called emergency patients.

Do you sometimes feel that you are sitting in Life’s Emergency Room, waiting on God to respond? Maybe you’ve asked God to bless you with a new job, a healthy relationship, good health, or more money – only to be led into a waiting room, where you are sitting for what seems to be an eternity with other waiters who also crave this big blessing to fall out of the sky onto their laps instantaneously.

We all know that this is not how God works. Life’s Emergency Room is a little bit different than the emergency room I describe at the start of this piece. In a hospital emergency room, we know that someone will attend to our needs in a matter of hours. In Life’s Emergency room it could be days, weeks, or even years before we feel our needs have been attended to. But what do we do during this time of waiting?

In the hospital emergency room, we are asked to do some reflection as we pen our names, our medical history, our symptoms, and other pertinent information that will assist the doctors in understanding our needs.

Well in Life’s Emergency room, God wants us to do the same. He wants us to reflect on our relationship with him. He wants us to trust in his plan. He knows that even though we may desire certain things to happen in our lives, we may not be mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually ready for the very things we’re asking for.

When I was selected to be a part of the University of Texas Principalship program back in 2007, I just knew that I would be chosen to serve in an administrative role that same year. The UT Principalship program had and impeccable reputation and the word on the street was if you were selected to be a part of the program, you would have an easy time getting a job at any school.

There were thirteen people chosen out of hundreds of applicants, me, being one of them. I couldn’t believe that my dream of becoming a school administrator was finally becoming true. If only I could get my beliefs to catch up with what was happening. I questioned God’s selection of me even after spending several weeks with my peers. I didn’t understand how, I, a person who only had a couple of years’ experience as a teacher and no experience in an administrative role could have been selected for such an honor. And because I held this belief, the universe responded in the same way.

All twelve of my cohort members were selected for some type of leadership role and I was the last one sitting in the waiting room waiting on my name to be called. This solidified my belief that something was wrong me, that I wasn’t worthy to be a part of such a great program. I felt like an imposter.

To make myself feel better (or to hide how I was feeling) I chose to take the high road and volunteer to support a few of my cohort members int their new roles. I took it upon myself to try and learn as much as I could and to talk to as many people as I could about my willingness to help in their schools, hell at some point I even offered my services for free! I just needed to get rid of the shame and the negative attention I felt.

I started reading inspirational books and writing letters to God. It felt as if I was that annoying lady that kept approaching the emergency room receptionist, reminding her that my name had yet to be called.

After nine weeks in Life’s Waiting Room, I was called by not just one school district, but two. I ended up working with Mr. Guadalupe Velasquez, principal of Allison Elementary School in Austin ISD. I was elated! Let’s just say my name was finally called.

I learned many great lessons during my time in Life’s Waiting Room:

1. While you’re waiting, don’t just sit there, do something!

2. In order for the Universe to respond to your desires, you must believe that you are worthy.

3. Trust in God’s timing, everything happens for the good.

4. Focus on what you can learn while waiting.

5. Be flexible with your vision, GOD may have a greater plan for your life, and if you’re only focused on what you want, you will miss the blessing.

If you feel that you are stuck in Life’s Waiting Room. Don’t despair. Know that God has your name on the list, he remembers that you are there, and he knows your illness better than you do. Remember, as you are waiting, God is working to prepare you for the blessings ahead.

Spiritually yours,

Niki Spears

Author, Motivational Speaker

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