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Many of my talks these days start with the word BE. The word BE or BEing is powerful when you consider its meaning. When you think of the word BE it means stillness, to be present, or to simply live. When we choose to take 100 percent responsibility for our lives, we can choose to BE who and whatever we want and move forward into creating our best lives.

The word BE is such a powerful force that I went back to change each chapter of my book to begin with the word BE. Before we can take any action, to embrace any thought – we must first BE. To BE is to choose what we would like to Become a part of our thoughts, our actions, and the way we live our lives. For example when I refer to one of the principles in The Beauty Underneath the Struggle, such as “BE Grateful,” I mean incorporate gratefulness into your everyday life. Make it a habit to think about the wonderful things and beautiful people, and positive experiences in our lives and appreciate them every day so that gratitude becomes an intrinsic part of our being. When we think about it, the word BE takes place before everything that we want to accomplish. Think about it… BE Responsible, BE Aware, BE Open, BE…

I am excited about my third children’s book in the Baelor Book’s series, which is titled BE… This book carries a special meaning for me as Baelor (who is based on my granddaughter), visits her grandparents (based on my parents), and she learns a little about black history and what it means to BE. Her grandparents tell her the story of Rosa Parks, who had finally had enough, stood up for herself, and decided that she was going to take control and not give up her seat on the bus. Baelor is so inspired by this story that she learns that she has the strength to BE whoever she wants in life as she grows up.

This week, consider all that you need to BE in order to move into your purpose unapologetically. Allow your pain to guide you into your purpose and find space to BE.

Stay tuned for the upcoming book which will be launching this spring. Make it a Great Day, The Choice is Yours.

Niki Spears

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