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5 Ways to Revive the Heartbeat of Your School’s Culture

The changes students and educators experienced due to COVID-19 has left them feeling anxious, burned-out, and overwhelmed. As human beings having a connection to others is a human necessity. For several months, we were denied this connection as we were social distancing, on lockdown, or isolating from loved ones. Who would have ever expected that being around those we loved could make us ill? Children suffered even more because these connections say to them that they are important, valued, and loved.

Now we must find ways to revive connections in our schools which means reviving the culture. The culture represents our organization’s thoughts, ideas, values, and attitudes. Below are 5 Easy Ways to Revive the Heartbeat of Your School’s Culture:

1. Check Your Personal Culture

Each of us enter this world with our own personal culture – our values, perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs. It is important to be reflective and assess whether these beliefs are serving us well or not. Let’s face it, our energy impacts others therefore it’s critical to know how we’re showing up!

2. Practice Gratitude

The things we focus on will expand in our lives and the same is true for our organizations. Infuse your organization with a daily dose of gratitude by having a Gratitude Wall in the breakroom encouraging team members to write or display things they’re grateful for or encourage them to share positive messages with others by leaving blank slips of paper and pens in common areas of the building.

3. It’s YOUR DAY

Have team member come up with their own personal holiday! Place an empty container in a common area along with slips of paper and pens. Some fun personal holidays include Write a Love Letter to Yourself /Someone Else Day, Buy Flowers for Someone Day, or Visit with a Friend/Co-Worker Day! Pull a day each week or every two weeks from the container to celebrate! Make sure you give everyone advance notice so everyone can observe the special day!

4. Create a Mission Card

Invite team members to transform their job into a mission. Instead of writing a job title, create a new title using your mission or your purpose! Have them place their mission on their computers or other places in which they will see it every day and be reminded of their purpose.

5. Form a Culture Committee

Want to keep the positivity alive? Invite members of your team to serve on a culture committee where they come up with monthly activities to celebrate and ignite the heartbeat of the culture!

5 Ways to Revive the Heartbeat of Your School
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