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Our Team


Niki Spears


Niki is a former school principal and now works as an educator and change leader.
She shares her passion and enthusiasm for creating positive school culture based on shared leadership – including students as young as 5 years of age. Niki is leading the charge to develop positive schools by sharing the importance of embracing a leadership mindset.

Niki has partnered with best-selling author, Jon Gordon and is touring around the country sharing how the success principles from Mr. Gordon’s book, The Energy Bus can reinforce positive leadership as we transform classrooms, schools and communities.

Niki resides in Houston, Texas with her husband and three beautiful girls.


Donna Brown


Donna is a professional coach covering the Sugar Land and Houston areas. She mentors beginning educators on the implementation of exceptional instruction, creative lessons, and developing a positive attitude in problem-solving. She is a dynamic professional who is dedicated to academic excellence, quality instruction, and a commitment to each relationship she encounters. Open communication and trust are the key components she promotes in her positive relationships!

Donna retired as an elementary principal with twenty-five years of experience in education and ten years of volunteering in her diverse community. She discovered her passion for painting seven years ago and each of her paintings is a message of energy and movement! She channels her vitality into dancing, traveling, music and the love of her family! Her enthusiasm and optimistic spirit are an inspiration to others. She is ready for YOU to jump on board The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership. Just say YES for the ride of a lifetime!

She currently resides in Sugar Land, Texas with her beautiful 88-year-old mother and talented daughter.


Windy Hodge


Windy has been an educator for 19 years and has a true desire for creating positive school cultures for students, faculty, and families. She believes that building strong, positive relationships are the foundation of everything successful! She has experience as an award-winning educator in the elementary setting, instructional coach, and administrator in South Carolina public schools.

Windy is currently the principal of Clifdale Elementary School, a certified Energy Bus School, where she and her team have made a commitment to provide a safe, positive culture for their passengers. By doing so, their school has not only positively impacted the students of Clifdale Elementary, but also the families and surrounding communities!

Windy resides in Spartanburg, SC with her husband and two daughters. They love spending time with one another at various sporting events!


Nick Holtvluwer


After a short stint playing college football, Nick put his original degree in Communications to use in the television industry. With five years under his belt, he placed his television career on hold to return to his alma mater and obtain an Elementary Teaching certificate. Nick has now served in education for over 14 years as a 1st grade teacher, assistant principal, and administrator. Nick is currently the Principal of Mammoth Heights Elementary in Parker, Colorado.

Through creating a positive vision, Nick continues to love his passengers of dedicated teachers, staff and community members to make Mammoth Heights the most POSITIVE and ENERGETIC school in all of Douglas County! Whether it was on a Title I campus or at a high socioeconomic school, The Energy Bus and its principles have been instrumental in creating and sustaining positive climate and cultures under Nick’s leadership.

With experience in school districts in Florida, Michigan, and Colorado, Nick believes in stepping outside his comfort zone while fueling his ride as a husband, father, leader, and learner with positive energy. Nick and his wife have three young children who love to hike, attend sporting events, visit the zoo and take advantage of all the amazing opportunities that Colorado has to offer.


Steve Waigand


Steve is the principal at Rock Port Elementary, recently recognized as a 2017 National Blue Ribbon School for Academic Excellence and 2016 Missouri Gold Star School. He credits

the school’s success to a talented staff who put just as much time and attention into the social and emotional learning needs of their students as the academic needs. It all starts with relationships!

Steve has a passion for building strong, positive relationships with students, staff, and families. It is the foundation of his experiences as a classroom teacher and administrator for 13 years at the elementary and secondary levels. He believes in a supportive environment that embraces a growth mindset where all students can and will experience success.

Steve resides in Rock Port, MO with his wife and two energetic boys. They enjoy spending time together with family, at various school events, watching sports and movies, and playing outdoors until the sun goes down.


Cindy Ward


Chief Relationship Officer/Trainer for the Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey, Cindy Ward is an award-winning Master Teacher and enthusiastic Campus Administrator with over 20 years of experience in education. Cindy thrives in diverse settings: low-income schools, bilingual settings, and at-risk populations while generating high levels of student growth. Cindy’s life work addresses climate change in every educational setting (K-12) through building relationships with students, teachers, parents, and administrators to ensure a sound ecosystem of learning.

Cindy, a first generation college graduate, earned her Bachelors of Science from Texas A&M University in Interdisciplinary Studies and Masters of Education from Lamar University. Joining the Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey is a dream come true for her. Cindy ignites passengers with her optimism! She establishes and maintains positive, productive environments and proudly prepares for the ride ahead. Currently, a resident of Schertz, TX, she and her husband have raised 5 children and live only 8 minutes from their first grandchild!


Austin Reisig


Austin Reisig has been teaching for the last 10 years in the areas of general and special education. He has now been speaking on living positively for over 2 years and through the use of positive and motivational strategies, Austin has spoken with teams, schools, and individuals to help focus their energy on individual growth and teamwork.


His life experiences have helped create a powerful message of commitment and finding your passion while overcoming obstacles. Austin feels these programs are not only available to help guide individuals towards their passions but provide clarity for overcoming the fears and doubts they may carry daily. Motivating individuals and teams to break out of their routine and achieve their vision while following the 7 Principles of Jon Gordon and Niki Spears’ “The Energy Bus for Schools” has been a lifetime goal! Austin focuses his life on staying positive and creating an atmosphere of collaboration and gratitude.


Austin graduated from Peru State College in Peru, Nebraska. There he played baseball and earned a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education and Special Education. Austin is currently completing his Masters of Education in Administration from Wayne State College and anticipates graduating in May 2020. He currently lives in Nebraska with his wife and 3 amazing children.


Anthony Yannucci 


Anthony Yannucci has over 24 years experience in education. His experience spans to all levels -elementary , middle, high school, and college education.  Anthony enjoys providing his participants with an amazing experience and finds ways to engage them in the presentation to sustain their learning.  His world now revolves around personal development and positive thinking, which is why being a part of the Energy Bus for Schools Leadership is such a joy, and to be able to share this passion with others is the true meaning of life.

Anthony lives in Florida with his wife and 2 sons, and enjoys traveling and speaking to groups promoting a better life through positive thinking via the Energy Bus!  After all, who decides to be happy or unhappy each day?  The answer, you do!



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