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You Are the Writer of Your Story

Take a look around. Do you feel like other people or events in your life have more say-so over what is happening in your story than you do? Are you allowing COVID-19 to dictate how your story will go? How about your bosses, friends, or family members? Are they writing the script for your story? In order for you to write your best story and create the life of your dreams, you will first need to determine who or what is holding your pencil.

To create a life of peace, love, and joy, you will need to take 100% responsibility for your story. Owning our stories can be tough because many of us are accustomed to blaming something outside of ourselves for the parts of our story that make us unhappy. Think about it. When we're unhappy with work, we blame our bosses; when we're unhappy in our relationships, blame the other person; and when we're unhappy with our lives, we attribute this to our parents or upbringing. When we take inventory of the parts of our story that we don't like, we can usually turn back to previous chapters that include events or people in our lives whom we hold responsible. What we fail to realize is by holding others responsible, we are ultimately giving them the power to dictate how our stories will go.

This week, ask yourself the following questions:

*What are some areas in my life in which I am happy?

*Whom or what have I been holding responsible?

*How can taking 100% responsibility help me turn the page and create my masterpiece?

Remember, we don’t have control over our upbringing, our obstacles, or when adversity enters our lives, but we do have control over how we choose to respond.

Your challenge this week is to commit to holding the pencil of your story and create your masterpiece.

Make it an amazing week! Remember, the choice is always yours.

Niki Spears

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