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What Do YOU See?

What if I told you that in every moment you are creating your reality? Many of us tend to believe that our experiences create our reality, however that is far from the truth. It is the meaning we assign to these experiences that create our reality. Therefore, if we are constantly looking through a negative lens, we will probably see the world as a dark, scary, gloomy, and sad place. But when we can shift our view a bit and look through a more positive lens – we can focus in on all the blessings that surround us each day.

Too often we give our energy and attention to the things that are not going well which doesn’t allow us to fully enjoy those simple miracles that we sometimes take for granted – waking up in the morning, friends and family who love and support us no matter what, having a reliable car to drive, a home to rest our bodies, and the list goes on. Instead, we tend to only see where we have deficiencies which only leads to feeling more deficient.

Look around!

The way that you view the world is based on which lens you choose to wear -- your personal thoughts, experiences, and perceptions help to create your view of yourself and the world. Each day we get to pull out a blank canvas and create anything our heart desires. Each of us has the power to create a life filled with wonder and joy or we can choose to focus on the negative things happening around us. Which will you choose?

As you get ready to start a new week, pull out your blank canvas and remember that a great life is not something you experience, it’s something YOU create!

This week- create your masterpiece!


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