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The Container

A story of love, hope, peace, and kindness.

Art was always the one class Iam felt free to be himself. His teacher, Ms. Eve, knew how to make each student feel as if they were the creator of their own masterpiece. She often reminded them that they were the experts of their passion, and they were the only ones who could determine if their work represented what their hearts wanted to say. Because of this, there was no fear of failure, only lessons that guided students to believe in themselves, which was a valuable learning.

Today’s art project was extra special and Iam couldn’t wait to get started. Ms. Eve had spent her weekend transforming the classroom into a pottery studio, equip with pottery wheels, clay, storage shelves for damp pieces and other tools that would help each student create their very own ceramic piece.

Ms. Eve loved to start each project with a brief history lesson. She talked about the practice of pottery making being one of the oldest human discoveries, dating back as far as 29,000 BC. "Today, each of you will create a piece of pottery, you can design it in any form you wish. As you are considering your design, I want you to think of a gift that you would give to the world. Not just any gift, but something you can use right now to respond to a world problem?”

As the other students begin to center their clay on their wheel, Iam sat quietly thinking, “What can I possibly create that the entire world could use?

Iam decided that instead of focusing on the finished piece, he would simply give his attention to enjoying the process. After he prepared his clay, he was ready for throwing. He then centered the clay on the potter’s wheel.

He loved the smell of the clay and especially the way the it moved smoothly in the palms of his hands; it was like all his worries were melting away into his creative aspiration. As he glazed at wet piece of mud-like figure, he thought of something that would solve all the world’s problems. Iam couldn’t wait to finish crafting his design.

The next day, after the clay figures had all dried. Ms. Eve invited each student to stand up in front of the class and talk about their gifts. Mary’s ceramic piece was in the shape of a pot, she said she would fill it with tons of food to end world hunger. She called her creation The World Food Reservoir.

Jacob’s piece was shaped like a tall cylinder and his idea was to fill it with clean air and spread it all over the world to end pollution. Jacob named his piece, The Contamination Exterminator.

Although all the students shared fascinating ideas, none of the creations was something that could sensibly be used right now.

When Iam stood up to share his piece, the class gasped in surprise. Iam’s piece had several cracks on the outside, but for some reason it remained intact. The ceramic figure was in the shape of a human being with a large opening at the top like a container.

Iam said that the world was in need of love, hope, peace, and kindness. He said that the cracks on the outside represented the hardships we are faced – disease, broken relationships, depression, or any other struggles. But when we fill ourselves (our containers) with love for one another, hope for a more peaceful world, and more acts of kindness, no matter what cracks we have on the outside- we will always feel whole.

As Iam headed back to his seat, the entire class erupted in applause, they knew that Iam’s design was one each of them could practice right away and would be a gift to the entire world. The Container.

Remember – when we are born into this world, our containers are automatically filled with love, hope, peace, and kindness. Despite the hardships (cracks) of the world, it’s these things that will keep our spirit intact.

As you planning out the week, don't focus on the details and all the tasks that must be completed, enJOY the process.

With something to think about. Make it a great week or not. The choice is always yours.

Niki Spears,

Author/Motivational Speaker

Culture Cre8ion

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