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The Assignment

As I reflect on the past year, recalling the challenges that unveiled hidden aspects of myself, I am reminded that life is an ongoing journey, a classroom with assignments tailored to guide us toward discovery of our true selves. Delving into the uncharted territories of the subconscious mind, where beliefs shape our existence, has become my mission. It's a journey of confronting the unknown, a necessary step to creating a positive life and becoming the person I am destined to be.

As we stand in the first week 2024, it's important to recognize that each year presents us with a blank canvas, a new assignment. Rather than relying on the familiar paints and colors of the past, it's time to break open the new box of paints and embark on creating the masterpiece of our beautiful lives.

My book, "The Energy Map," has been a guiding light for me and others. Understanding our levels of energy and personal triggers helps to navigate life's assignments with grace and love. By acknowledging and understanding how we show up during different moments in our lives, we gain insights into how we can better approach challenges and relationships.

The energy levels, ranging from low (helplessness/tension) to high (ownership/servant leader/love), offer a spectrum that showcases our emotional states and responses. When we operate from lower energy levels, we may find ourselves asking disempowering "why" questions, focused primarily on self, dwelling in victimhood. However, as we ascend to higher energy levels, we unlock the potential for transformation, finding solutions with clarity, compassion, and love.

As prepare to undertake our assignments for 2024, self awareness will empower us to approach each assignment with the right brushstroke. By choosing love over fear, acceptance over resistance, and gratitude over complaint, we infuse our canvas with the vibrant colors of joy and fulfillment.

So, in the grand canvas of your life, embrace the new assignment with a fresh palette. Let the wisdom from "The Energy Map" guide you through the levels, allowing you to complete your assignments with grace and love. This year, paint boldly, for each stroke is a reflection of the person you are becoming, unveiling the beauty of our existence. This year embrace your assignment!

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