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Creating Your Best BUS Story!

During this time of uncertainty, it can be difficult to focus our attention on the positive things happening around us. At the Energy Bus for Schools we want to make sure we are not only helping our school teams focus on creating their best BUS stories (finding the Beauty Underneath the Struggle) but also using their gifts and talents to serve the needs of others.

As a motivational speaker, I often weave the BUS story into my presentations because struggle is something, we all have in common. If you are living on this planet, struggle is inevitable.

Right now, we are all experiencing the same struggle as we are being challenged by this pandemic, the COVID-19 virus. Schools have closed down for the entire school year, restaurants and other small businesses are shutting their doors, and many of us will be confined to our homes for several weeks, maybe even months. This is a struggle that every person in any part of the world can relate to, but it’s also an opportunity to create our best BUS stories as we challenge ourselves to live more purposeful in the current moment.

I’ve witnessed amazing BUS stories, like teachers coming together, driving through their students neighborhoods with signs and posters reminding students of how much they’re loved and missed; restaurant owners transforming their businesses into food kitchens feeding those in need; and people are starting their own business as a way to support those in need; and the list goes on and on.

With every challenge comes great opportunity and when we are able to look at struggles in this way, it can greatly impact the outcome and provide our lives with greater meaning. Our thoughts, beliefs, and the stories we tell ourselves are the factors that shape who we are and our perceptions of ourselves, people, and the world around us. Every detail of our being, our features as well as our natural talents, were created for a distinct purpose When you are walking in purpose and you feel passionate about life, the pages of your story will naturally evolve.

We may not be able to change the events that are happening around us, however we can proactively begin to think about how we can respond in a positive way to ensure we provide our teams with a wonderful learning experience.

We have put together some virtual opportunities to promote positivity in the lives of teachers, students, and parents. Please visit our website for more information or contact us directly at

Check out my message on Day 1 of the 2020 Power of Positive Summit and sign your team up to hear even more amazing speakers

Sending positive energy your way,

Niki Spears,

Motivational Speaker/Co-Founder

The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey

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