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Today Choose to BE...

Do you want more peace in the world? BE Peaceful.

Do you desire better relationships? BE Relational.

Do you want more happiness? BE happy.

Do you want to live a passionate life? BE passionate.

Do you want to find love? BE loving.

Tired of feeling guilty? BE Forgiving.

Fed up with all the negativity in the world? BE positive.

The areas of deficiencies we observe in our lives are an indication of what is absent within. To live a more inspired life, we need to find the courage to BE we want to see.

Today choose to BE…

Niki Spears

Culture Cre8ion


At Cre8ive Culture for Schools we believe in providing each person – educators and students – with a clear path toward creating PEACE from the inside out.

Our universal 8 BE’s framework provides educators and students with a mental well-being toolkit that will become their guide in this transformation: BE Responsible, BE Aware, BE Open, Be Courageous, BE Grateful, BElieve, BE Awesome, and finally…


Intrigued? We’re excited to work with you and your team as we help you build a positive culture for your school.

Reach out to one of our Culture Cre8or’s today to schedule your FREE consultation by emailing or calling 512-709-2681.

Become a Certified Culture Cre8tor and create a positive school today for a positive world tomorrow.

Start your journey today!!

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