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In Niki’s new book titled The Beauty Underneath the Struggle~ Creating Your BUS Story, Niki encourages her audience to grab the pencil of life and create their own stories. 


In addition to her non-fiction book, Niki is also writing a series of children’s books that provide kids with strategies to transform negativity.  Her first book in this series is titled, The Hand Hug and is now available on Amazon


Niki’s Keynotes and Workshops are energizing and engaging as she shares her passion and enthusiasm to create positive schools and organizations by encouraging team members to take 100% responsibility for their stories.

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As a FOREVER Educator and School Leader, Niki believes that leadership extends beyond a title or a position but is a belief that every member of the school is a leader (teachers, staff, students, families) as they can make change from where they are, no matter the position.

Niki travels the country talking with leaders, educators, and students about her new books and the power of embracing a positive mindset.

“Extremely informative with tons of ideas on building and creating a positive environment.”