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Yes! I'm Writing. Now what?

For several years I've wanted to write a book. The only thing that was holding me back was time. I felt that with all the responsibilities I had as a wife, mother, student, and other roles I assumed, there was never enough time in the day to write a book.

Well fast-forward several years later, I'm working on several books. I'm now going out speaking and people are constantly asking me for my book. I actually get up in the middle of the night (like tonight) and find time to do what I love - write. My challenge is that I have so many amazing stories I don't know how to narrow my focus or the audience. I'm finishing up a children's book, titled the Hand Hug which is an amazing story to help kids (and adults) learn to transform negative thoughts so that they learn to focus on the positive things happening in their lives.

I am also working on a book for adults. The problem is who is my audience? Do I solely focus on schools/organizations or do I broaden my focus on the individual? This is where I could use your help. If you have heard me speak or if you have a special something you want to hear from me - give me your thoughts on a title. Here are a few I've come up with:

Shifting Your Choice Energy

The Power of CHOICE

Shifting Your School Culture

Shifting the Cultural Energy in Your School

Transforming Your Core Energy to Shift the Culture

Transform Your Core Energy to Create the Life You Want

Cultural Energy

Transforming Your Cultural Energy

Shifting Your Core Energy

What are your thoughts? Would love to hear from you!!

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